Phil Shotton

Web Developer

Born in the 70's grew up in the 80's, became a dad in the 10's... is that what you call them?

Computers are part of me, pure and simple, from the day my dad came home with a Vic 20 (if you are under 25 years old, Google it!) and decided to hook it up to our 2nd TV (might sound de rigeur now, but 2 TV's in the 80's was overkill!) till just the other week when I bought my latest 17" Acer laptop.

I have struggled with Commodores, fought PC's with Windows 3.1 to Windows 10, scoffed and marvelled at MAC's and occasionally dunked my head in the geeky bucket that is Linux... fingers and pies and all that.

I have sampled many languages, my favourite is PHP it's like wiping your... sorry I just love The Matrix. From Basic to SQL, VBA to jQuery, at some point all have made me scratch my head, curse, or want to launch the damn machine out of the nearest window (I know someone who did that once... actually it was a patio door!)

In the last 10 years I have worked for a communications company where I learnt networking and broadband, an online directory where I learnt Action Script, HTML and CSS, a digital agency where I learnt PHP, jQuery and SQL. Wonder what I will learn in the next 10 years?

Rex Shotton

Junior Developer

I was born not so long back.

I like HTML and CSS. My daddy bought me the books.

I like advertising.

I like sleeping and enjoy classical music.

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