Cloud based software development

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management software is developed for a single client, it accommodates that client’s particular preferences such as marketing, engineering, research & development and general management.

Many of our clients have had a bespoke Customer Relationship Management System developed specifically for critical functions including content management, customer management and HR management. One of our larger clients, a national double glazing company required a Customer Relationship Management system that would keep track of internal quotations and match them to a production system making it a quicker, simpler and more effective way to send quotes to potential customers.

Another example of a Customer Relationship Management System that managed the pick-up of vehicles and sent out email notifications of the job details to all relevant parties including the customer, driver and themselves as a reference.

A marketing company wanted a Customer Relationship Management System that would manage quotations and prospects and also offer accounting functionality. The advantages of a Content Management System will generally be a more efficient system as it can provide support for the specific needs of an individual business. A Content Management System will provide greater efficiency in the day-to-day running of a business and also offers better customer service.

Our Customer Relationship Management Systems start from only £500.

Care Home Management Software

Care Home Management Software is a comprehensive care home management system for effective, person-centred care planning and care management, automation of all HR administration, home management services and health and safety compliance that is accessible from one system.

The Care Home Software is created to an individual specification and can be modified based on the care home needs for example: How many online users will need access to the system and how many residents there will be in the care home.

External access to 3rd parties such as OFSTED can be added, helping reduce the need for paper reporting. Social Workers are able to login and monitor the progress/status of young people under their care.

Our Care Home Management Software is a web based service and costs are POA.

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