Why you need a website at Christmas

Christmas is the time for shopping, buying gifts for your loved ones is such a joy that more people are doing it, especially online.

When shopping online is life.

Did you know..

27% of retail sales now take place online – with a forecast of 11% growth by December 2017! E-commerce sales will reach £126bn, this is all thanks to the rise of the mobile. M-commerce grew by 42% during the year with 45% of the sales made by using a mobile device.

Black Friday has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, we’ve also seen it shift from a high-street event to an online one. Retailers are extending their discounting over a week, rather than a single day. We also saw mobile confirm its role as a primary shopping channel.

FUN FACT – Over 30% of e-commerce traffic is on a mobile device in the UK. In terms of mobile traffic distribution, 30% is on tablets while a huge 70% is on smartphones. 

The UK online retail industry recorded a solid performance last December, with sales growth significantly higher than the same month in 2014. It appears the rubbish weather, together with growth in mobile commerce has helped boost online sales over the Christmas period.

With sales via smartphones continuing to grow at a significant rate, especially during Christmas month. It’s no wonder that sales have reached the highest ever recorded at 117.5%! It seems that we really can’t be bothered to physically go shopping anymore.

I'm wicked and I'm Lazzzyyy

I’m wicked and I’m Lazzzyyy!


Can you believe shoppers spend around £440,000 a minute throughout Christmas Day. Worldpay processed over £1 million worth of online transactions in the UK in just 60 minutes from 8am on Christmas Day which continued to grow hour-on-hour until 1pm!


Why are you telling me this? 

Well, its quite simple really – If you have a business then you need to get it online. It’s shocking to think that over half of small businesses don’t have a website. Whether you’re a hairdresser’s or an independent clothing store, you really do need a website that is mobile-friendly especially at Christmas time.

Still don’t believe us?

Watch this video about the progression of online shopping over the last 20 years.


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